Zip up your boots…it’s 26 Hours in Paris Book Birthday!

26 Hours in Paris 3Today is 26 Hours in Paris book birthday! Party time!!!
Thank you to all that preordered the first book in Kensington’s International Affairs series, you can now start reading it. For the rest, it’s available at all major retailers. I’ll include links below.
As I mentioned yesterday, this love story sizzles. 26 Hours in Paris is an erotic romance, not a sweet romantic tour through Paris. It is a hot and passionate tale, with explicit language and sensual scenarios, which lend themselves to Kat and Marko’s pursuit for true love. While ultra-romantic, this reading voyage explores the depths of Kat’s heart, soul, and body. After all, it is a Demi Alex adventure.
For those who want to pack a bag and join…
Buy links:
Amazon Kindle

Okay, so in previous blog posts, we talked about what to pack. We have our dresses and our bags, but we definitely need shoes! This list was actually pretty easy to compile. While we need party shoes to knock them dead, and we need sexy boots to strut in style (it’s Paris and can rain at any moments), we need my favorite (adorable) walking shoes.

_8930474 _12705449 shopping

I mentioned a prize for the savvy reader that can identify the designer (of the accessories here) that Kat wears during the book (hint: dress by the designer).Kathryn wears this designer’s while in Paris–a gift from Marko. The first reader to identify it and make a reference to this ‘coincidence’ in a book review (then obviously sends me an email or copy of link to review so I know about it) wins a $50 Amazon or Barnes&Nobles gift certificate –your choice.

Now it’s time to party!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride, my friends.

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