Weekday Activities Made Good with Audiobooks

When the week gets going and the to-do list grows long, I don’t always find the time to sit still and enjoy a beloved read. Well, that makes me cranky.

AUDIOBOOKS to the rescue!

It was a few years back…fine, more than a few…more like two decades back…when I walked into a new, state-of-the-art library, and found myself lost in a maze of books on cd. Being an avid reader, and way to quick to jump to the wrong conclusion, I marched up to the librarian and told him how horrible it was that audio was replacing reading. I loved reading and books enriched my world and imagination. I wanted our youth to love reading. I wanted the upcoming generations to benefit from books the way I did.

He let me rant, then nodded and said he completely agreed on the importance of reading. He continued speaking in a very empathetic voice, but slowly raised a single finger and smiled. “However,” he explained, “we have many patrons who choose to listen to books on their long commutes to work.”

It hit me like a truck: I drove at least one hour each way to work every day!

Needless to say, I swallowed my pride, apologized for going off the way I had, and proceeded to collect an armful of books on cd. Visiting the library every two weeks, with a recyclable bag for my prized goods, I listened and read across the genres. Today, I admit to listening to more books than I read during non-vacation times. I download and listen while I clean, drive, and take my daily walks.

So it’s no surprise I adore the fact that some of my titles are now available on Audible.

This week, I’m giving away an Audible download for two audiobooks.

A traditional romance by Aleka Nakis, The Greek Rule, is read by the talented and multi-lingual Denise Khan. What a pleasure to work with a lady who pronounces those Greek words right and knows the locales and customs mentioned in the story intimately.

My steamy romance novella, Cuff Me Lacy, met it’s match with the fun narration from charismatic Clair Carter! So happy with the great job Clair to bring Chrissy and Patrick’s reunion to audio.

Please follow both Denise Khan and Clair Carter on their Audible.com channels for more wonderful narrations.

Now as for you, valued readers, which book would you like to hear? Comment below, and check back on Monday, February 27th at 10pm for the winners.


Comments ( 52 )

  1. ReplyKai W.

    I would love to received The Greek Rule. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. ReplyTara

    I would love to hear The Greek Rule! Thank you sooo much for this great giveaway!! :-)

  3. Replyrjfauble@hotmail.com

    Cuffs? Handcuffs? I could listen to that!

  4. ReplyTara

    Thanks for the chance. I would like the Greek Rule, if I win.

  5. Replychapman5300

    would love to win The Greek Rule. Thanks

  6. ReplyValerie

    I would love your book. Cuff me Lucy. Thank you for the chance.

  7. ReplyKym

    Cuff Me Lacy sounds REALLY good ❤

  8. ReplyShakblak

    Thank you for the opportunity! The Greek Rule sounds promising.

  9. ReplyShannon

    The Greek Rule please! Thank k you for the chance.

  10. ReplyKatina

    Alex, I love audiobooks, and The Greek Rule sounds like just what I would like to hear. This would bring back memories of my travels in Greece in '81. It would also give me a swift kick for being the Greek girl who refused to marry Greek and lived to regret it.

  11. Replylsnepean

    I think that I would like to listen to The Greek Rule if I should be so lucky as to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. ReplyNickname ( required )


    • Replydemi

      HOTCHA1, let me know which hat to throw your entry into.

  13. ReplyNickname ( required )

    Would love to win The Greek Rule. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Replyneesie315

    I love audio books & would love to win The Greek Rule.

    • Replydemi

      Neesie315, YOU WON! :-)

  15. ReplyJonella Moore

    I would love to win The Greek Rule! Thanks for the great giveaway! I really enjoy your writing style.

  16. ReplyKate

    Cuff me Lacey

  17. Replybonekittie@msn.com

    Cuff me Lacey

  18. ReplyShaleah

    The Greek Rule please.

  19. ReplyJana Leah

    Cuff me Lacy, please. Thanks for the chance!

  20. ReplyEmily Pennington

    I would like THE GREEK RULE. Thanks! Emily

  21. Replybunny

    would love to listen to cuff me lacy

  22. ReplyClaudia Blagbrough

    Thanks for the chance.. I would love to listen to Cuff me Lacy Greetings from germany

    • Replydemi

      I see it, Claudia :-) You're in. Best.

  23. ReplyNickname ( required )

    Ohhhh love audio. Thank you for the chance . Any would do either or. lol I am Greek though.

  24. Replygoddessdemetra

    Thank you thank you for the chance ❤❤🍾 Any of the 2 will do. I love audio. lol I am Greek though

    • Replydemi

      GoddessDemetra, we have a name in common ;) lol

  25. Replyorangepop

    I'd love a copy of cuff me Lacy it looks so interesting

  26. ReplyShirl

    Would love Greek Rulle..Always listen to audio books when I travel..This would be great!

  27. ReplyShirl

    Would love Greek Rulle..Always listen to audio books when I travel..This would be great! First time I've commented, can't be a repeat..

    • Replydemi

      No worries...the server may have been playing with you. Good luck, Shirl!

  28. ReplyNickname ( required )

    I would love to win Cuff Me Lacy.

  29. Replydemi

    Where did my German reader go? I saw your entry, but it's disappeared. Please reply so I can enter you. By the way: Are you still up or up so early? :-) Guten Morgen!

  30. ReplyShanna

    I would love to win The Greek Rule! Thanks for the great giveaway! ❤️

  31. ReplyA

    Would like Cuff Me Lucy. Thank you.

  32. Replykatttzzzz

    I am always looking for new authors to read. I would be honored to win one of the two books you are offering. Either book would make me happy as I have read neither one of them.

  33. ReplyAnne Marie Carter

    I would love to read/listen to, The Greek Rule! I love to listen to audio books.

  34. ReplyLetitia56

    I would love to listen to Cuff Me Lucy. Awesome! thank you!

  35. Replydeerdoe69

    Cuff me Lacey looks good to me.

  36. Replypeggy

    First a BIG thank you for the chance to win an audio book; I love them! My choice, if I were to be chosen the winner would be, THE GREEK RULE.

  37. Replysztjane

    Cuff me Lucy please.

  38. ReplyKathy

    Out of The Greek Rule or Cuff Me Lucy; I would really take either one. They both sound great. I haven't read either one and new authors are a joy to find for me. So I will leave the choice up to fate!

  39. Replyah

    I could listen to Cuff Me Lacy. Thanks

  40. Replydemi

    Good morning, my friends. Can't wait to pull winners tonight for the audiobooks, but I wanted a different and unique way to determine the winners. Soooooo...I've enlisted the help of my ultra-charming, ultra-handsome neighbor, and he promised to stop by at 9:50 to pick from each pile. (That means, all entries need to be in by 9:45.) His mom says the little guy needs to be in his crib by 10:00. lol Joey is totally adorable and an absolute good luck charm. (Plus, he reaches for anything set in front of him. Anything.) First piece of paper from each pile he tries to eat will be the winning entry! Fair? Now I'm off to get some work done. Keep the entries coming, and please share the book info with other readers. Your reviews and recommendations are the best support an author could have. Have a great day <3 Demi

  41. ReplyErryn

    I listen to audio every day. Would love Cuff Me Lacy. Thanks for the contest. Love Erryn

  42. ReplyJill

    Would love to listen to "Cuff me Lacy"

  43. ReplyEwelina

    Cuff Me Lacy

  44. Replydemi

    Winners have been selected! Major congrats. Publishing post now. Link to make it easier to find: http://demialex.com/winners-for-audiobook-giveaway/

  45. ReplyKai W.

    I would the Greek Rule.

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