SoFlo Staycation

It’s true. There are Staycations that totally rock, especially in South Florida.

14369956_10207482446806868_4035962372864249870_nSpent the weekend with friends and had a wonderful time.


Friday, we enjoyed the Harvest Moon on a sandy beach. Good wine, better company, and the sea breeze makes a body happy. Imagine the secrets shared on a moonlit night…and yes, they’re secrets, so we move on to Saturday.

Saturday was Miami Beach and Ladies (my ladies–see pics) Night at the 1 Hotel, with dinner at Chef Tom Colicchio’s Beachcraft restaurant. Not only do I simply adore this place, but it’s extra special since it’s the spot where Charlie and Ford meet in Four Nights at Sea, the second book of the International Affairs series from Lyrical Press, releasing December 2016. Once agaiFour Nights at Sea-HighResn there was good wine, better company, and an atmosphere that wrapped us in sultry smiles. Loved it and will be heading back to visit with Sergio and Gio in Beachcraftimg_1596, Ray, who makes us feel ultra-secure, aimg_1592nd the rooftop crew that where the sweetest and most helpful staff.

Sunday we nursed the wine flu on Fort Lauderdale Beach for brunch. Seriously, how can I complain. Good conversation, better company, and a view of gorgeous Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Yes. Staycations work! Any Staycation memories you wish to share?

Photo credits go to Susannah Gautier for Full Moon pic, Elisa Dimitropoulos and the phenomenal staff members for some of the 1Hotel location pics, and the rest are all Demi!

My daily stomping grounds and home:

Fort Lauderdale Beach!


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