Setting BIG goals and a chance to win a cruise for two!

img_6348Happy Friday, my friends!

You must be wondering why a Twisted Travels Tuesday Blog on a Friday…

Easy, I’m too excited to hold this post through the weekend.

If you came to this blog, you know I’m passionate about writing. And if you’ve read my work, you should know I’m passionate about traveling. So, the best job I could ever want is to be an author that writes romance novels set in great locations. (BINGO, International Affairs, with Lyrical Press, makes this happen for me. Thank you, Lyrical Press.)

26 Hours in Paris-HighResThis past June, 26 HOURS IN PARIS, book 1, released, and I celebrated with friends and family over a rather French dinner.

The locale for book 2 was chosen due to a suggestion of my original editor at Lyrical Press, Peter Senftleben, who I happened to pitch to while on the Florida Romance Writers conference cruise. It really helps that not only do I live next to one of the largest cruise ports in the world, but I adore cruising and do so as often as possible. The view of the ships (and airplanes) from my balcony feeds the right side of my brain…and has me traveling in my mind, adding more ideas for my work.

FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA releases on December 6th. Like the title says, the story develops on a cruise ship. I’ll admit this is a unique sailing, but it was so much fun to write. I instantly fell in love with Ford and Charlie, as well as all the other colorful characters onboard. If you’re able to request a review copy on NetGalley, do so and we can talk about them on a Facebook Book Release Party. (Inbox me or send me an email addy, and I’ll make sure you’re invited.)Four Nights at Sea-HighRes

Now the left side of my brain says it’s all nice and good to dream, plot, and write, but I need to come up with a way to let fellow romance readers and travel fans know about my work. Keep thinking…Marketing…Worthwhile…Why should a new-to-me reader buy my book?

Then last night, I was enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, while discussing book four of the International Affairs series, and fireworks went off to celebrate a new ship sailing from Port Everglades. The show was gorgeous, loud, and simply spectacular. Fireworks went off in my mind for a special marketing idea for FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA, too. Right and left brain converged and I figured I can dream big, plan big, and award BIG!

I know what my goal is: NYT Best Seller! (big).   And I know from personal experience that the most attractive contests have big, no, huge prizes—actually, those are the only contests I enter, so…

Here is the promotional Cruise Contest:

On the very day FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA hits the NYT best seller list, the fourth person to email me at with I WANT ONBOARD in the subject line, wins a four night (or day–your choice) cruise for two!

I would love to treat a reader to a long weekend at sea while realizing my goal for FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA. Win, win…it’s always rewarding to share in joy.

However, I’m the first to admit I need your help. I can’t do it alone, so instead of working with a Street Team, I want to work with readers directly to achieve this big goal.

Please, let other readers know. If you read the book, leave a review. Reviews are the best marketing for an author’s work. Hopefully, it will help new-to-me readers buy the book. If you buy the book, hit the share button to let others know about it. And feel free to share this post.

FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA is available for pre-order today and releases 12/6/16. Click on the cover for Amazon link and find all purchase outlet links on Kensington Publishing’s book detail page. I truly appreciate it, and together we can make it happen and in turn make sailing out to sea as the result of a contest a reality for one of you!

Please check back for contest rules on December 6th, 2016.

Yeah, the contest really works for me. I like it! Love it!

What do you think? Like it?

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