Packing for Paris–

Barely 2 weeks to the release of 26 Hours in Paris.
Time to think about packihow-to-packng that suitcase.

There’s a reason Parisians choose black.
Pick 3–wear one on the trip and select chic comfort. Think of possible weather change (often in Paris) and select more sleeve. Think possibilities and let your soul decide.

BTW-Thanks Nordstrom for the timing of this sale and awesome return policy! And no–not working for Nordstrom. 🙂
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  1. ReplyMona Risk

    Don't forget the raincoat and the folding umbrella!


    Love Paris but the South of France has my heart. Even so, can't wait to go on that sizzling adventure with Kat.

    • Replydemi

      Thankfully, Marko is well acquainted with the South of France ;)

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