One Week to Valentine’s. One Week to enter…

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The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are busy for the romance genre. So I have a lot of news to share with you…and I’ll keep it in date order.

1. Enjoy a steamy romance and enter to win a four night CRUISE FOR TWO.  The International Affairs Series from Lyrical Press is written on searching for the perfect place to find love. In Book 2, Four Nights at Sea, Charlie unknowingly sets sail on an experience of a lifetime. An experience that Ford steps into and leaves her changed forever. To celebrate their story, we’ve set up a contest. Entries must be received by Valentine’s Day–the day the winning article will appear in City Wings. Check out the link above for details.


2. Lyrical Press has featured book 1, 26 Hours in Paris, in their current romance promotion, and has discounted the ebook to only $.99 for a limited time. Paris is always a good thing for me. Will Kat determine Paris is the perfect place to find love?

3. Next piece of news is only for erotic fans who like their romance with more zest. Warning: this is erotic-romance, not steamy romance. Read on or skip paragraph because the town of Deer Creek, a fictional place created together with my friend and co-author Tia Fanning, is rather ‘unique’ and full of Alpha males who know exactly what they want and always manage to get it. We’ve rolled into the town with Phoebe in need of a HOTTIE mechanic, who is clearly vested in caring for the woman he wants in his life. LOCKDOWN, book 2, releases tomorrow 2/8, and Sheriff Tom is ready to show Beatrice the consequences of not playing by his rules.

4. Cuff Me Lacy, the sweet and sexy reunion story of high school  best friends all grown up, is now available on Audible!  The wonderful and engaging, Clair Carter, does a great job of capturing the essence of Lacy and Patty!

Told you there was lots of news. From sweet and sexy romance to steamy erotic-romance, Valentine’s Day is full of stories that set our hearts racing. I’d love to hear of your own Valentine’s story. Feel free to share a comment with us below.

Lastly, show your support for a book or author you’ve enjoyed (not asking solely for myself here, all authors welcome this) by leaving a review on purchase site or Goodreads!

Remember: Enter the CRUISE contest…and maybe we’ll be writing about your adventures on the high seas soon!


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