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So excited with the release of One Week in Greece today! As you know, I’m a total pushover for heartfelt steamy romances with an international twist. I guess because they combine my passions for travel and love, the International Affairs Series makes me super happy to research and write.

When it came to book three of the series, I wanted to try something different. I truly wanted to add a bit more edginess, but saturate it with romance. Making One Week in Greece a menage was my editor’s request. Before I’d typed the first word, he knew two of the three main characters (I introduced Paul and Justin in the first two books in the series) and Greece was a given for this book. I adore the country of my birth, love everything about the culture, the strong family bonds, the delicious food, and all the little quirks that come with being a Greek American. Maybe it’s cheating, but I didn’t need to research the language or traditions. I concentrated my attention on building a unique relationship between the characters.

So what better than to write a PB&J set on the island of Mykonos?

Plus, I had an opportunity to visit the island for research! (Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I hope you enjoy reading ONE WEEK IN GREECE–even half as much as I did writing it.

Here’s a little preview…not Chapter One…this is at the resort. Paul and Justin are eating lunch with Paul’s uncle, Kosta, when…

“I know we agreed to eat and enjoy each other’s company,” Kosta said. “We were supposed to hold off on business till later, but we already broke that agreement. The representative checked in a little while before you got here. I’ve been speaking with her for weeks. She’s a smart and sweet girl. When you meet her, you might decide it’s okay to sell. You’ll see.” Theo Kosta pulled out a chair and waited for her to reach them.

Once again, Justin was speechless.

He blinked, unable to believe his eyes. Bethany had joined her father’s team, and her father had obviously expanded his hotel business to timeshares. After all the talk about making a difference in establishing an eco-friendly world for future generations, Bethany was now peddling international luxury properties for her money-grubbing dad.

 How had Justin missed it? Maybe because he didn’t do his homework on the company, didn’t even do a damn Google search. He was too concerned about his precious vacation, the limited time to let off steam, and justifiably, the stress it would cause Paul and Kosta.

“Not only is the girl smart and sweet, she’s very pretty,” Kosta added.

Actually, she was stunning, but she wasn’t a girl. Dressed in a white linen sheath and a pair of sensible sandals, the material swayed in a sultry song as endless legs carried a perfectly sculpted body to them. She wasn’t small, but she wasn’t large. She was just right. Rounded hips, tight waist, lush chest, and a killer smile promised any man she chose ecstasy in her arms.

Paul’s foot landed on Justin’s shin, and Justin glanced at him. She’s the competition, Paul mouthed. “And it’s not polite to gawk,” he added in a low voice.

Kosta’s laughter filled the air. “Gawk.” Apparently, he’d overheard and understood the word. “There’s been a lot of that happening since Bethany arrived. She’s a beautiful girl.”

“She’s not a girl,” Justin repeated aloud. She was definitely beautiful. But she was all woman.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Lallas.” All three men stood, waiting for her to take her seat. She smiled, but didn’t greet Justin or Paul as he expected. Instead, she looked into Justin’s eyes, pleading for silence.

“I’d like to introduce you to my nephew, Paul, and his partner, Justin,” Kosta said. “The bo—Paul and Justin are here to help us with the presentation.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Bethany said, extending her arm for a formal handshake.

What the hell? Why is she acting like she doesn’t know us? Justin thought.

Pressure pounded in his head, and he wanted to shake the woman and wake her. He did not want to shake her hand in fucking greeting.

“Nice to meet you, Bethany. I’m Paul Lallas, your official source of information and resort tour guide.” Obviously, Paul wasn’t thrown like Justin was, and accepted her outstretched hand. “Justin Bentley is our financial analyst. We’re both pleased to meet you.”

“Bethany Michaels, Associate Director of Property Acquisitions,” she said, releasing Paul’s hand and offering her own to Justin. “So glad you could make it over and take some work off of Mr. Lallas’s plate. From our correspondence, I believe he enjoys taking care of his guests rather than dealing with paperwork.”

Her gaze stayed on Justin, begging him to play along, as he closed his fingers around her trembling hand. Bethany was playing a game he didn’t understand, but he wouldn’t betray her and make her look bad or feel worse.

“On point,” Justin said, searching for common ground and finding it in Kosta’s preference to deal with his guests. “We’ll provide you and your company with all the tedious information you need.” He reluctantly released her hand, and moved behind her to guide her chair.

“Now that we all know each other,” Kosta said. “No more Mr. Lallas. Call me Kosta. Okay, Bethany?”


“Well, Bethany, with the fancy title,” Justin said, “has Vaso’s Dream impressed you so far?”

Seemingly unaffected by his sarcastic tone, she raised her shoulders and spread her arms to indicate the colorful landscape and the endless view of the sea. “It’s amazing. Heavenly,” she said. “Everything and everyone is wonderful. I can’t imagine a better place on earth to recoup and recharge from the burnout of daily life.”

“I told you the girl is smart.” Grinning, Kosta drummed his fingers on the table as if he had a point to prove.

“Thank you.” She tapped a dainty finger on the older man’s forearm and his face brightened with appreciation. “Your uncle has made my job easy. He’s been a real pleasure to work with. Thank you, Mr. Lal—”

Kosta cocked his head and raised his brow.

“Thank you, Kosta,” she finished.

“The patriarch of our family on this side of the Atlantic,” Paul said.

“Not for long,” Kosta said, clearing his throat. “After this summer season, I’m buying a place near my brother’s and exploring America with him—that is when his work allows. It’s a long overdue adventure for me and a much needed break for him. He works too hard. His wife is going to leave him if he doesn’t slow down.”

It was said in jest, but while Paul’s dad did work a lot, he was a model patriarch. Nothing like Justin’s dad had been. Paul’s mom was an absolute doll. She doted on the family, and Justin as well. No complaints with the Lallas family, who was Main Street worthy and could star in the next family sitcom on a Big Fat Greek Life.

“You deserve anything you desire,” Bethany said, giving Kosta an empathetic smile. “We all do.”

And there it was.

She said it: anything you desire.

She flashed that brilliant smile, and issued what was probably a subconscious invitation to Justin and Paul with the twinkle in her eyes, effectively pulling Justin out of the verbal ping-pong match in his head.

What Justin desired was the opportunity to get Bethany back into his life. And while he wasn’t certain why she’d pretended not to know him, he knew it pissed him off.

Contrary to his earlier warning about Bethany being the competition, Paul also appeared more than a little interested in her. The conversation eased onto the amazing scenery and the magical location. They didn’t discuss business again. They ate sweet watermelon, paired with savory Feta cheese, and discussed everything Vaso’s Dream offered. Everything she’d begun to love about the place, and everything Paul was worried about losing.


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