Happy New Year! Map of 2017

We get a new year to shape and mold as we like! Sure, life and responsibilities may get in the way, but with a little mapping, we could make it work.

My Map: Travel and fictional those travels with panty-melting romance plots!

For 2017 I’m hitting the road with my writing. Here goes…

  • Together with co-author and friend, Tia Fanning, we’re heading to the heartland and the fictional town of Deer Creek, full of lovable and super sexy characters Alphas. It’s time for Sheriff Tom and Deputy Shawn to be heard. Lockdown continues the series for Valentine’s Day.
  • In June, whipping out my writing passport, I dive into the blue waters of the Mykonos. The International Affairs series continues with One Week In Greece, book 3 from Lyrical Press. You’ll know the some of the main characters since they’ve been introduced in 26 Hours in Paris and Four Nights at Sea…who do you think it could be?
  • On the sweeter, yet sexy side, my ‘nice’ twin, Aleka Nakis will reintroduce her Greek Series with an audiobook of The Greek Rule.
  • Christmas in Provence is also on my map…can’t keep my passport tucked in a drawer.
  • I also plan on spending a lot, and I mean a lot, of time on the Greek Isles in 2017…can you guess why?

Okay, now enough about my map. As promised, I shared and I’m now accountable to this map.  I’d love to hear about yours. Please share as a comment below.

My wish for all of us is love, happiness, and health in 2017! Let’s move forward and make our dreams a reality!

Have a Happy New Year!
Let loose, my friends.

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  1. ReplyBonnie

    Happy New Year, Demi! Wishing you all the best!! xxoo Bonnie

  2. Replydemi

    Thank you. All the best for a fantastic 2017, Bonnie!

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