Enjoy steamy romance…WIN a cruise!



“Find your passion,” they said.

I did!

But I couldn’t narrow it down to one. I love traveling. I adore sexy romances. What’s a girl to do but combine the two? I write about International Affairs.

FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA, book 2 of the International Affairs series with Lyrical Press, released ten days ago.

Charlie and Ford sailed into a big adventure, looking for love, and so should we. Therefore, I’m holding CRUISE GIVEAWAY FOR TWO to a lucky reader that enjoys their story. Start packing your bags because on the day Four Nights at Sea hits the NYT bestseller list, I’m going to pick a lucky winner who enjoyed the story to set sail. Check DemiAlex.com for details.

To help you prepare for the cruise, let’s talk about what you’ll need onboard.

Packing for a cruise is tricky, but not impossible. Cruise ships don’t have the strict guidelines airplanes do on luggage, so you can expand that suitcase to the max and have some breathing room in your choices. That said, keep the cruise itinerary in mind and streamline anyway. You’re going on a cruise to relax and enjoy, not stress over clothing. As a matter of fact, some cruises are clothing optional—shocker—but we’re not talking about that today.

Since a third passion is delicious dining, let’s focus on dining room ‘acceptable’ outfits. The dress code varies on each cruise, but think business-casual on the low end. Personally, I like to pack semi-formal outfits that I can accessorize and change up for more than a single use. There have been times when the initial ‘wear’ of a sundress, paired with a pretty wrap or scarf, has served me well for dinner. Then again, I typically cruise in warm waters and love my sundresses.

And remember those wraps from dinner? Well, roll them tight. That’s right, more than one. If rolled carefully, they don’t wrinkle or take up much room. Plus, the possibilities with a scarf are endless. (Think on it. We’re keeping this post G rated.)

We’ll touch on more cruise specifics soon. I know you’re anxious to relax in a steamy bubble bath, with a steamy book, during this holiday season, so download you copy of Four Nights at Sea and enter for a chance to WIN a four night CRUISE today!




Comments ( 4 )

  1. ReplyKptbran

    Leaving for a cruise on Monday, always a exciting adventure, with unexpected results, EXCITING ADVENTURES

    • Replydemi

      I'm always ready for a cruise. Wish I was on Monday's sailing with you, but I'm in a deadline crunch. You'll need to have enough fun for both of us :-) Have an awesome time!

  2. ReplySHARON

    I only been on one cruise and loved it. Would love to go on another one.

    • Replydemi

      I agree. Love them, too! I've been on a number of cruise lines and each had different benefits. I think it's the company that you board with that counts most. Which cruise line, Sharon? Favorite port of call? Oh, if you entered the contest...GOOD LUCK! Demi

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