Winners for Audiobook Giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered. The best way to show your support for any author is via a review, so if you didn’t win and would like a review ebook copy, please email me directly at

And now….

A big congratulations to:

Nessie315 for winning The Greek Rule

Ah for winning Cuff Me Lacy

Kathy for being an added winner to our contest. Contact me at and let me know which one you prefer. The difference between the two audiobooks is simple. My novella, Cuff Me Lacy, is a bit spicier. The Greek Rule by Aleka Nakis is sweeter, yet sensual.

Also, please note that Cuff Me Lacy is now whispersynced on Amazon for a discounted price!

Thanks for participating.

Check back later this week for news on more International Book-boyfriends and the chance to win a signed print copies of one!

Nite all.




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