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   On the eve of the release for 26 Hours in Paris, it’s fair to give warning to friends that have asked about the details of this love story. 26 Hours in Paris is an erotic romance, not a sweet romantic tour through Paris. It is a hot and passionate tale, with explicit language and sensual scenarios, which lend themselves to Kat and Marko’s pursuit for true love. While ultra-romantic, this reading voyage explores the depths of Kat’s heart, soul, and body. After all, it is a Demi Alex adventure. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, my friends.BBT_26HoursInParis copy

The virtual blog tour has begun. I’ll keep you updated on the gracious hosts, so you may visit their sites and have the opportunity to win a digital download of the first book in the International Affairs series: 26 Hours in Paris.
A big thank you to today’s host, Harmony Kent! 

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26 Hours in Paris Excerpt:

“Why do I need to go to Paris?” Kathryn asked, rubbing her temple with more force. “I’ll be looking over my shoulder for him at every turn. What if I bump into him? What happens then?”

“You mean, how do you research the perfect place to find love when love finds you?” Paul folded his muscled arms over his chest and leaned back in his seat. “You could even have a true Parisian show you around all the hot spots. Why is that so bad, Kittykat?”

“Because Marko is not an option. He’s loaded, cultured, and out of my league.” Even worse, he’d insist on introducing her to his family like he had that Christmas years ago. “I’ve worked real hard to establish myself as a competent professional. It would kill me to have the mighty Renards look down on me.”

“Why would they look down on you?” Paul asked. “You’re being ridiculous.”

“You could never understand, Paul. You’re rich and entitled, cut from the same cloth as Marko. I’m a girl from Long Island that had to take online classes for eighteen months to finish my last semester and get my degree, all while keeping my dad’s aluminum-siding business afloat to save my childhood home. Could you picture a woman in Marko’s family with chipped nail polish and callouses on her palms?”

“Marko stayed by your side. You were the one that ran away from him.” Paul’s jaw was set, but his gaze was full of compassion. He’d seen what her father’s passing had done to her and her mother, and he’d also been there for her in that difficult time. She hadn’t turned away from him. The difference was that Paul was her friend. Marko was her soul mate.

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    Today, release day, aka Book Birthday!, the gracious Christine Young is hosting the 26 Hours in Paris Blurb Blitz, with a new chance to win and a new excerpt. Visit her site and show some love. Thank you, Christine.

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