St. Patty’s Day on Fort Lauderdale Beach

I-m-Not-Irish-Kiss-Me-Anyway!St. Patty’s Day is almost here…and by here, I mean Fort Lauderdale Beach. Cruising along A1A, it’s impossible to miss that Spring Break 2016 is already here and in full swing.

While I love me the hustle and bustle of a party, I’ve decided to allow these pasty-skinned, Northern visitors to borrow my beach and daily haunts for a few days. I sneak over for a morning coffee, possibly a quick slice of pizza in the night, but the majority of the day is theirs. The Strip is flooded with gorgeous cars, flashing license plates from every state, so the ride time to my favorite haunts has tripled. I’ll take it inland for a few weeks and enjoy my Brooklyn-ish bagel and iced coffee downtown.

Click pic for Miami happenings

Click pic for Miami happenings

 My advice to the tourists is simple. Lots of sunscreen during the day so you can enjoy the night, then don’t drink and drive. (Forget the traffic and parking situation, take advantage of the free golf cart shuttles and colorful trolleys to get around.) So the big dilemma as St Patty’s Day approaches is whether to celebrate with a traditional pint or a fruity umbrella drink?

Damn, it’s Fort Lauderdale. You can have both! Dress it up or keep it simple, there’s something for every mood and moment on the beach.

Click for local happenings 1

Click for local happenings 1

As for me? I’ll be beneath the temporary tent at one of my favorite pubs for the day, and I know I won’t resist the call of the river at a Fort Lauderdale landmark. The first two links give you an idea of local happenings and list the locations of my choices for Thursday. Skim past yesterday’s parade and guess which ones.

Will I see you there?

Click local happenings 2




Keep it real. Play it safe. And don’t forget to get your GREEN on!



Comments ( 10 )

  1. ReplyVictoria Pinder

    Erin Go Braugh my Greek friend. We'll let you be Irish and join in the merriment. This year you have to drink the Guinness for me. Next year or after I give birth, I'll join in again.

    • Replydemi

      I will 'suffa' the extra Guinness willingly :-)

  2. ReplyMarcia K

    I'll see you at the Downtowner! Enjoy! Happy Patty's Day to you!

    • Replydemi

      Sounds like a plan! :-)

  3. ReplyMona Risk

    It's also Spring Break on the beach that now has double size thanks to the municipality effort and the many trucks dumping sand to enlarge the beach expanse. The weather kindly cooperates with a cloudless sky and a smooth ocean. Happy St. Patrick.

    • Replydemi

      Agreed. The traffic doesn't seem as bad as in previous years, but there are more visitors. Looks like a win-win situation. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. ReplyNickname ( required )

    Happy Saint Patrick's - I have a Thursday night thing that will prevent me from over-doing, lol, but I will try to get in at least one beer--oh, and don't forget to wear green! Lauderdale by the Sea is having an Irish party at Athena's - the Greek place, lol. Outdoor dancing/seating Love your blog xo

    • Replydemi

      Thank you! Greek St. Patrick's ?? Will they have green ouzo? lol

  5. ReplyTraci

    I may or may not have Irish in my veins. Grandma's not talking ;) Lauderdale by the Sea is having outdoor Irish festivities at the Greek place on the corner :) Dancing, food and I bet there will be plenty of beer, which usually leads to plenty of kissing.

    • Replydemi

      Plenty of beer, leading to plenty of kissing. Making sure I have my Uber ap on alert!

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