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(Moresome) Key WestKey West Reviewed by LAS Reviewer

If a reader is looking for a well written, explosive and imaginative ménage then travel no farther than Key West.

I’ll be honest. I usually need a bit more plot substance to my stories but this book was the perfect cure for me. I was reading a particularly gruesome romantic suspense and I really needed some balance so I started reading Key West in the middle of it. The experience was like having cotton candy, Hot Tamales and my pick of the Chippendales all rolled into one scorching and very fun sexual adventure. It made me feel happy, relaxed, excited and it turned out to be an awesome little book with a few clever twists and surprises that really rang my chimes.

Addison is a woman who practically gives herself her own bachelorette party if she but knew it. It’s not what she sets out to do but it sure came across that way to me. I think she was actually pretty courageous and wise to realize that she needed to take the action she did before regret got stuck in her psyche with “what-ifs” to haunt her later in life. It’s a great catharsis for her and a lot more fun than those epiphanies usually are. The thing that cracked me up was her one-liners that gave voice to what a lot of readers complain about with heroines. The author was incredibly clever in using them as comedic foils in Addison’s internal dialogue. I chuckled every time I came across one. Ms. Alex obviously has been taking the pulse of romance readers and used them in a unique way with her heroine. I adored Addison for it.

When she starts meeting the guys, I was remarking on her incredible luck for finding really hot, decent and really talented men to help her with her goals. Each one would have had me melting in a puddle at their feet. I actually could relate to Addison’s initial reticence, her shyness and bit of confusion, but then her eventual opening up like an exotic flower to bloom and experience the fullness that life has to offer was a wonderful reading experience. I enjoyed myself immensely as the story unfolded.

West and Miami completely had me hooked. The descriptions of their actions and the words they say gave me delighted shivers. I cracked up at “Captain Sex” but my giggles quickly turned to `ooohs’ because what happened next was pure heat and my libido popped up and took notice. Ms. Alex has a real talent for writing these scenes and they should satisfy any reader of erotic romance. I know I was.

The twist is what made this book romantic. It gave meaning and substance to the reason Addison was in Key West in the first place. I never saw it coming and it made this book a solidly enjoyable read. As a rule I don’t mention covers but I have to say that this book’s cover truly embodies the `wow’ factor that I found in this story. I can’t mention who I think is who because it’s all a matter of opinion but I certainly know who I want each man to be and I find them drool-worthy and it helped visualize the action. Which means, of course, I needed the A/C on high.

If a reader is in the doldrums or having a bad day and needs a pick-me-up, Key West is the answer. I’m so very glad I read this book and absolutely recommend it to readers of erotic romance who enjoy stories about a woman discovering her inner sensual explorer. Key West is a fun, lava hot and a very well done tale with a happily ever after that satisfies.


New Orleans(Moresome) New Orleans reviewed by Traci Hall ‘Love in the Big Easy’

I found Demi Alex’s New Orleans to be a fast paced, hot bite of a read. As a fan of New Orleans myself, I loved the vivid description. New Orleans is definitely a place where magic happens! I thought Lilly Marie’s drive for family made her very understandable – and the added pull of the slight paranormal element made the skip to acceptance of four loving men and a family very believable. El Destino, here I come!


(Moresome) Las VegasLas Vegas reviewed by Lyn Armstrong

I loved this book. The characters were so sexy, I was almost jealous that the heroine gets to have so many gorgeous men all to herself. The love scenes were hot, hot, hot. And I loved the setting. The description of sin city was rich and vibrant as if I could hear the slot machines in my very own home. Ms. Alex has done it again with her erotic series. I can’t wait to read her next book. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a spicy read that makes them want to say, “Oh niiiiiice”.


Montego Bay reviewed by an Amazon Customer Moresome International - Montego Bay

I’ve read all of Demi Alex’s moresome stories and more. Love the hot situations and happy endings. Montego Bay didn’t disappoint. Bring on three handsome men, all Alphas, and I still want to know about Al and G. Lora’s so lucky!


Layover Liaisons reviewed by A Vegan & Vegetarian

Yep, I.m a guy. Read this more out of curiosity. Simple curiosity. I wasn’t looking for any turn-ons or meaning of life stuff. What I found was a “dream character” invented by a woman in fiction form. At fist this guy had me saying: “ya okay, like I really believe that kind of scenario would go down. But then I thought about it further, and realized that if this woman wrote it, and other women love it, then DUH, it might be something they actually would want? Duh, again! I decided to emulate this guy,and my wife just melted. melted. Did it several days in a row and… “hello”, folks we don’t know think we’re newlyweds again, and those we do know want to know: “what the heck have you two been smoking? … whatever it is, I want some!” I suppose it won’t work for everyone, but hey guys, if your lady does like mine and has been knocking out romance novels on her Kindle like candy, take a lesson from the guy in this book and blow her socks off! Just sayin’…


Cuff Me Lacy  Lace imprisons more than handcuffs.

Hot! Hot! Hot! reviewed by S Dunn  This is a Hot little number! Long lost best friend returned to claim what is his! Short story but full of details that will steam up your windows.


Reviewed by BoomerBabe Demi Alex pens women’s erotica better than any author I’ve found so far. This story is best read at bedtime to achieve the desired results. 😉


Hottie Draft #5-1Hottie reviewed by AlexJouJou Rating it on the cover alone…

Would not do it justice. The cover is hot – no doubt. The good thing here is what is in the pages is as good as what is on top of them!

Dane is a former Navy SEAL who does mechanics work. Phoebe is the down on her luck woman driving a pink car that is about to collapse. When Phoebe stops at his mechanics shop the sparks are all over the place. Dane convinces her that she should stay until her car gets fully fixed. She, of course, cannot afford it and doesn’t want to. They strike a deal. Not for sex – get your mind out of the gutter. Once she is in close proximity though things get real hot real fast and her submissiveness to his dominance works well. Yes this is insta love so I took a star off as it wasn’t that believable.

However – the dialogue is outstanding! Phoebe is hilarious and Dane’s reactions to her are priceless. She says what she thinks completely and it keeps him on his toes. As for insta love – not so much BUT I could totally believe he could be very deeply in lust with her and that she could keep him entertained and happy for many years. The kink is lite but appropriate to the beginning of a relationship. Again it’s short – so for those of you that hate insta love perhaps this isn’t the best option. I just chose to go with the flow and enjoy the heck out of the conversations – and ignore that I doubt they’d be in love. HOT sex, great domination (no jerks here!), and really superb dialogue that flows wonderfully and is funny make this one a standout in the short novella category!