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Pack fast and travel often. Let's share fun times on the road, learn more than a few quirky ‘local’ facts, meet amazing people, and somehow managed to survive and have a blast. While I promise not to send you every blog post and clog up your inbox, (yeah, I get those, too) please subscribe to my NEWSLETTER to assure notification of new releases and big promotions! Now for this blog: Either I or Aleka Nakis will post to Twisted Travel Tuesdays (rants, laughs, and nutty point of views, so be warned). We see the world on a slight slant, full of romantic flavors and heart pounding adventures. If I had to rate our views, I’d say Aleka keeps it PG13 (max R), but my posts are typically R and above—intended for mature audiences.  So here goes… Have passport, will travel.      

Kat’s Reveries #1: Spidey Sense in Terminal

Three hours to kill at Charles De Gaulle before my connecting flight, and the tingles at the base of my nape are driving me insane. Something, no someone, is at the root of this sensation, and if I acknowledge him I know my world will drastically rock. I lower my gaze and stare at the […]

26 HOURS IN PARIS Available for Review!

Just want to take a moment and let you know that Lyrical Press has 26 Hours in Paris, releasing June 21st 2016, available to reviewers! Follow this link and request the book on NetGalley for a chance to be approved to read and review an early copy. (Yeah, I know…pre final edit versions make me […]

St. Patty’s Day on Fort Lauderdale Beach

St. Patty’s Day is almost here…and by here, I mean Fort Lauderdale Beach. Cruising along A1A, it’s impossible to miss that Spring Break 2016 is already here and in full swing. While I love me the hustle and bustle of a party, I’ve decided to allow these pasty-skinned, Northern visitors to borrow my beach and […]

Have Passport, Will Travel

  Here goes… Standing on the starting block, bending at the waist (No worries. Everything is properly covered.), and pushing off with my toes. Blogging abyss! Have passport, will travel. My passport is my most cherished possession. What’s yours? Demi