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Pack fast and travel often. Let's share fun times on the road, learn more than a few quirky ‘local’ facts, meet amazing people, and somehow managed to survive and have a blast. While I promise not to send you every blog post and clog up your inbox, (yeah, I get those, too) please subscribe to my NEWSLETTER to assure notification of new releases and big promotions! Now for this blog: Either I or Aleka Nakis will post to Twisted Travel Tuesdays (rants, laughs, and nutty point of views, so be warned). We see the world on a slight slant, full of romantic flavors and heart pounding adventures. If I had to rate our views, I’d say Aleka keeps it PG13 (max R), but my posts are typically R and above—intended for mature audiences.  So here goes… Have passport, will travel.      

SoFlo Staycation

It’s true. There are Staycations that totally rock, especially in South Florida. Spent the weekend with friends and had a wonderful time.   Friday, we enjoyed the Harvest Moon on a sandy beach. Good wine, better company, and the sea breeze makes a body happy. Imagine the secrets shared on a moonlit night…and yes, they’re secrets, […]

5 * Review of 26 Hours in Paris

5* Review of 26 Hours in Paris! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Enter to win a copy of Demi Alex’s steamy romance on the Goddess Fish Promotions Blurb Blitz. Today’s stop and review @ Liz Gavin Writing inspiration! As the deadline approaches for Book 3 in the International Affairs series, I often find myself procrastinating […]

Zip up your boots…it’s 26 Hours in Paris Book Birthday!

Today is 26 Hours in Paris book birthday! Party time!!! Thank you to all that preordered the first book in Kensington’s International Affairs series, you can now start reading it. For the rest, it’s available at all major retailers. I’ll include links below. As I mentioned yesterday, this love story sizzles. 26 Hours in Paris […]

Virtual Blog Tour & Chance to Win!

   On the eve of the release for 26 Hours in Paris, it’s fair to give warning to friends that have asked about the details of this love story. 26 Hours in Paris is an erotic romance, not a sweet romantic tour through Paris. It is a hot and passionate tale, with explicit language and […]

Time for ice-cream!

It’s Friday, my friends! Gorgeous day to celebrate the upcoming release of 26 Hours in Paris –four days away–with a stroll in the beautiful city and delicious break for one of my favorite treats: Berthillon Glacier! Their tag line proclaims how quality is their passion, and I, along with many, many others agree. Lace your […]

Thursday Paris Tip

In Paris today? Do as Kat did, and visit the Musée d’Orsay. On Thursdays, the museum is open later (9:45pm) and there is discounted admission after 4:15! Win-win! A glimpse at Marko telling Kat about the museum in 26 Hours in Paris. “Behind us, and to the right, is the Musée d’Orsay. It briefly served […]

Accessories in Paris

So now that the dresses have been selected, and boy are the perfect. we’re joining Parisians who have a slue of colorful designs to make the black pop. What do you think?   Next, but very important for me, select a soft crossbody purse when traveling. Security and comfort, done with style. Make sure it’s […]

Packing for Paris–

Barely 2 weeks to the release of 26 Hours in Paris. Time to think about packing that suitcase. There’s a reason Parisians choose black. Pick 3–wear one on the trip and select chic comfort. Think of possible weather change (often in Paris) and select more sleeve. Think possibilities and let your soul decide. BTW-Thanks Nordstrom […]

Had to come home for Memorial Day

Let’s do this properly… Memorial Day was born to honor all those who gave their lives during active service to our country. A BIG thank you to the men and women who not only died, but put themselves in harms way to serve our country.  Without these brave Americans, we wouldn’t enjoy ever corner of […]

Kat’s Reveries #2: Boarding New Reality

We’re boarding. I managed to pretend-read for three hours and I’m finally a two-hour flight from visiting with family. Things are good. No one will guess how I had to force my throat to work in order to swallow my sweet café au lait, knowing he was so near, yet so far out of reach. […]