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Pack fast and travel often. Let's share fun times on the road, learn more than a few quirky ‘local’ facts, meet amazing people, and somehow managed to survive and have a blast. While I promise not to send you every blog post and clog up your inbox, (yeah, I get those, too) please subscribe to my NEWSLETTER to assure notification of new releases and big promotions! Now for this blog: Either I or Aleka Nakis will post to Twisted Travel Tuesdays (rants, laughs, and nutty point of views, so be warned). We see the world on a slight slant, full of romantic flavors and heart pounding adventures. If I had to rate our views, I’d say Aleka keeps it PG13 (max R), but my posts are typically R and above—intended for mature audiences.  So here goes… Have passport, will travel.      

Deer Creek Women–hard to lockdown.

While the town of Deer Creek may be full of Alpha males, it’s the women who hold their hearts that add spicy spunk to these stories. Never let it be said that any of Tia Fanning and Demi Alex’s ladies don’t hold their own. Phoebe may submit to Dane in Hottie, but she wants Dane […]

One Week to Valentine’s. One Week to enter…

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are busy for the romance genre. So I have a lot of news to share with you…and I’ll keep it in date order. 1. Enjoy a steamy romance and enter to win a four night CRUISE FOR TWO.  The International Affairs Series from Lyrical Press is written on searching […]

Book Boyfriend Dilemma

Is it really cheating if you keep him between the sheets? Falling in love is a wonderful thing. There is nothing like butterflies fluttering in our tummies and tingles dancing in our hearts when this magical emotion takes hold. In fact, there are many benefits to being in love. Numerous studies show that these benefits […]

Happy New Year! Map of 2017

We get a new year to shape and mold as we like! Sure, life and responsibilities may get in the way, but with a little mapping, we could make it work. My Map: Travel and fictional those travels with panty-melting romance plots! For 2017 I’m hitting the road with my writing. Here goes… Together with […]

Enjoy steamy romance…WIN a cruise!

    “Find your passion,” they said. I did! But I couldn’t narrow it down to one. I love traveling. I adore sexy romances. What’s a girl to do but combine the two? I write about International Affairs. FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA, book 2 of the International Affairs series with Lyrical Press, released ten days […]

FOUR NIGHTS AT SEA book birthday celebration

Enter to WIN A CRUISE FOR TWO: Writing this book was so dreamy. Researching it was way too much fun. I visited each location (fictionalized the specifics), spoke with various people to understand the intricacies and quirks of characters, and smiled every step of the way. There are so many of my ‘favorite’ things incorporated […]

Stress Free Cruise Packing

You did it. You’ve finally booked that dream cruise and you’re surrendering to a no-stress attitude for a full week. Yes, if you allow, you’ll get pampered. Yes, you can visit many ports of call and soak in the excursions. Yes, there is every sort of music, show, and entertainment thinkable onboard. And yes, you […]

Setting BIG goals and a chance to win a cruise for two!

Happy Friday, my friends! You must be wondering why a Twisted Travels Tuesday Blog on a Friday… Easy, I’m too excited to hold this post through the weekend. If you came to this blog, you know I’m passionate about writing. And if you’ve read my work, you should know I’m passionate about traveling. So, the […]

Fall Colors Spectacular in Deer Creek!

What an amazing weekend I’ve had. Spent it on a road trip with my friend and co-author, Tia Fanning, driving the colorful roads to Deer Creek and the release party for Book 1 in the Deer Creek Books series, HOTTIE! Warning, Hottie and the Deer Creek series are not for every reader. Mature and curious […]

Next Exit Deer Creek…follow your heart

It’s Twisted Travels Tuesday, and today I have a delicious destination pinned on our map. Keep in mind, while anything goes, Deer Creek is for mature residents only! Strong sexual content and language are the norm. Deer Creek, USA, is a town like no other, but a town you may find yourself driving through on […]