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26 Hours in Paris June 21st, 2016 from Lyrical Press

26 Hours in Paris
June 21st, 2016
from Lyrical Press


Hello, my friends.

I’m packing my suitcase and traveling the world for spicy tales of romance. 

Must admit, the research is the best part. International Affairs!

I’ll try my best to keep you updated on new releases. After all, there is no reason to disconnect while writing and traveling. The Internet keeps us connected and WiFi is internationally available! Mac is my computer boyfriend, and IPhone’s Siri a great pal. 

NEWS:I’ve signed with Kensington Publishing’s Lyrical Press and have a new series coming your way.

‘International Affairs’ is all about a NYC magazine looking for the perfect place to find love. Let’s see how City Wings reporters do in discovery .Well, as far as I’m concerned, where there is love, there is undeniable and burning passion. That’s how my job gets interesting.


26 Hours In Paris

is scheduled to release on June 21st, 2016!26 Hours in Paris-HighRes

It’s a soul mate reunion affair,

so we already know Marco and Kat feel the love.

We’re looking for the passion to seduce

them into a happily-ever-after,and seduce her he must. 

One day to see the sights.
One night to change your life. . .
Magazine writer Kathryn Taylor is traveling from New York to Paris for work. But the flirtatious Frenchman she left long ago is waiting at the airport–and he wants to play. . .

No one can guide Kat through the sensual city’s delights like Marko Renard. He let her get away once, and now he’s determined to make her stay–even if he has to tie her down. He will wrap her in cashmere, tease her tongue with chocolate, and take her to the peak of the Eiffel Tower. . .But can he convince the bohemian beauty she belongs with him, in his luxuriously decadent world? In business, he’s the master–but it’s Kat’s body and soul he truly longs to rule. He has just enough time to show her the pleasures of the boulevards, the boulangeries–and the bedroom. To finally get her to just say oui, he’ll have to seize the day–and the night. . .

Romantic, steamy, and every bit as satisfying as Paris promises to be.

Now available fr pre-oder on: Amazon & Google Books.


Four Nights At Sea

is scheduled to release December 20th, 2016!

Damn this one is super hot.

How can two gorgeous professionals agree to work together on a Singles and Kink Cruise, yet sleep apart?

Charlie and Ford can power the cruise liner with the steam they create.


So, that’s my latest news. What are you up to? What are you looking forward to seeing on the shelves? 

Did you get a chance to read Montego Bay, the first International Moresome? Jamaica is sultry as anything and Lora is one lucky girl. I have the biggest crushes on each of her bosses, and just like she can’t chose, neither can I!

With Mark, Jake, and Luca as her leading men, how yummy is the legal profession looking to you now?

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  1. Replymichele

    I was wondering if there is going to be a followup to LAYOVER LIASONS? There is a book called EN-ROUTE mentioned in the back pf the book. I am looking ,forward to the continuing story. Thank you Michele

  2. Replymichele

    Still looking for the 2nd book to layover liasons, thankyou

  3. Replydemi

    Michele, It's complicated. (sorry for the play on words) Short answer is yes. Long answer is not yet because it's complicated. We have plans for the man of Terminal Two...and the details are being ironed out. I will definitely keep you updated when I have them. Unfortunately, it won't be for a while. :( Please be patient with me. You'll be amongst to first to know! Demi

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