About Demi

Demi Alex!Hi. My name is Demi, and I have a confession. I’m a hopeless romantic that sits at her neighborhood café and fantasizes about magical interludes between my fellow java worshipers. I warn you to be careful what you say while I sip my iced non-fat caramel macchiato. Anything and everything is fair game. That’s what makes the experience one to remember.

I’ve been internationally published since junior high, (hehehe…good one, eh?) but my stories have taken on a much spicier and more mature tone in the past years. I attended school in New York, and long before graduating, I developed a passion for ‘people watching’. Actually, some may have referred to it as an obsession on occasion. Lunchtimes on St. Patrick’s steps and afternoons in the Village, led to mornings and nights at the computer typing away like mad to put on paper the stories that played in my head about the colorful people I’d seen and placed into hypothetical relationships.

Traveling as often as work allows, I love to incorporate individual idiosyncrasies and the variety of cultures I encounter. Obviously, I go the extra mile (oh, the hardship) and do personal research on all my settings in order to make my stories speak to my readers. The characters can be found in any town or city, but their attitude is what sets them apart. They let loose and experience what is thrown at them!

What would life be, if we didn’t take a few risks along the way and place our hearts on the line? Boring! So come on– let loose.


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