Accessories in Paris

So now that the dresses have been selected, and boy are the perfect. we’re joining Parisians who have a slue of colorful designs to make the black pop. What do you think?



Next, but very important for me, select a soft crossbody purse when traveling. Security and comfort, done with style. Make sure it’s the right size for you. And don’t worry, the prices vary greatly. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect one!_11603818_12186743


Once again, I’ve featured the Nordstrom sale–for ease and convenience, variety of styles, and great span of prices… plus I can’t say enough about the return policy! If you choose to review the bags, know that Kat wears on of the designer’s while in Paris–a gift from Marko. The first reader to identify it and make a reference to this ‘coincidence’ in a book review (then obviously sends me an email or copy of link to review so I know about it) wins a $50 Amazon or Barnes&Nobles gift certificate –your choice.

Happy shopping.

Next time we talk shoes! PS–the same designer will be featured in one of the pairs (And, I totally love these shoes).


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