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We’re setting sail with Thursday’s International Affairs Giveaway!

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Four Nights at Sea came about in the typical Demi way of taking a small seed of an experience and allowing a novel to bloom.

The truth is that opportunities which seem far fetched and out of reach have a way of becoming reality on vacation. So while sipping Piña Coladas poolside on a cruise ship, with a new friend, who happened to be wearing the hat of my future editor, I reminisced about a 26-hour layover in Paris. His eyes sparked and he held up a hand to stop my retelling. “Can you write that into a steamy romance?”

“Of course,” I declared. “26 Hours in Paris.”

The idea for a series of steamy romances, set in exotic locales, always made my heart beat fast, so my mind ached to embellish the tiny glimpses of the world with loveable alpha males. A quick scan of a cafe or a piazza for potential heroes, makes my fingers itch to hit the keyboard. That moment on the pool deck did the same. Book 1—Paris. Book 2—Cruise. Book 3—Mykonos. All stories searching for the best place to find love.

Damn, I have the perfect job. I get to write, let loose, and enjoy as reality and fantasy meet!

So today, I’m looking forward to the release of One Week in Greece, with a  GIVEAWAY for book two of International Affairs.  Oh, by entering, you’ll be helping with future plots…you’ll see…trust me.



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