5 * Review of 26 Hours in Paris

5* Review of 26 Hours in Paris! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Today’s stop and review @ Liz Gavin

Writing inspiration!

As the deadline approaches for Book 3 in the International Affairs seri26 Hours in Paris 3es, I often find myself procrastinating in ending my time with characters that have become dear to my heart.  Sneaking a peak at the reviews on 26 Hours in Paris is nice kick in the butt to pound keyboard today.

Even if reviews are an author’s best friend, I try to avoid them while writing a new manuscript in order to prevent writer’s block. But we all get to them sooner or later 😉 I thank everyone who takes the time to post one. It means so much and is greatly appreciated!

You took the time. You cared enough. I appreciate!
Now I’m off to write on a love triangle in Mykonos for the day. Can’t say I mind the heat of the story and the cool of the waters. lol

Filakia, my friends.sticker,375x360.u2



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