As you know, I’m a total pushover for heartfelt steamy romances with an international twist. I guess because they combine my passions for travel and love, the International Affairs Series makes me super happy to research and write.

When it came to book three of the series, I wanted to try something different. I truly wanted to add a bit more edginess, but saturate it with romance. Making One Week in Greece a menage was my editor’s request. Before I’d typed the first word, he knew two of the three main characters (I introduced Paul and Justin in the first two books in the series) and Greece was a given for this book. I adore the country of my birth, love everything about the culture, the strong family bonds, the delicious food, and all the little quirks that come with being a Greek American. Maybe it’s cheating, but I didn’t need to research the language or traditions. I concentrated my attention on building a unique relationship between the characters.

So what better than to write a PB&J set on the island of Mykonos?

Plus, I had an opportunity to visit the island for research! (Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I hope you enjoy reading ONE WEEK IN GREECE–even half as much as I did writing it.

Click here preview…not Chapter One…this is at the resort. Paul and Justin are eating lunch with Paul’s uncle, Kosta, when…

“Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I’d love to take credit for this quote, but we’ve all seen the posts on social media pages proclaiming the wisdom of its anonymous author. So, let’s heed the advice.

My name is Demi, and I have a confession. I’m a hopeless romantic who sits at her neighborhood café and fantasizes about magical interludes between my fellow java worshipers. When I’m not at the café, you can bet I’m putting my passport to good use and experiencing as much as my wallet allows.

I warn you to be careful what you say while I sip my iced non-fat caramel macchiato. Anything and everything is fair game. That’s what makes the experience one to remember.

With the love of travel flowing in my veins, I incorporate individual idiosyncrasies and the variety of cultures I encounter, marveling at the differences and similarities of the romantic passions people around the world have. Obviously, I go the extra mile (oh, the hardship) and do personal research on all my settings in order to make my stories speak to my readers. The characters can be found in any town or city, but their attitude is what sets them apart.

Internationally published since junior high, (hehehe…good one, eh?), my stories have taken on a much spicier and more mature tone in the past years. I attended school in New York, and long before graduating, I developed the favorite pastime of ‘people watching’. Actually, some may have referred to it as an obsession on occasion. Lunchtimes on St. Patrick’s steps and afternoons in the Village, led to mornings and nights at the computer typing away like mad to put on paper the stories that played in my head about the colorful people I’d seen and placed into hypothetical relationships.

Today, with a few years of experience under my belt, I like to blend these passions and take fellow readers on unforgettable journeys.

Current invitations: Pack your suitcase and escape with me in the latest series from Lyrical Press, International Affairs. It’s a fun, sexy series of globetrotting love in colorful locales. When we open our hearts and minds to search of the perfect place to find love, the reward can be astonishing. If you prefer domestic travel, explore the small town setting of Deer Creek, coauthored with Tia Fanning and published by Resplendence Publishing. It’s a place where love and sensual exploration exists with no judgement and the unique lifestyle of dominant Alpha males and the care for their lovers make us swoon.

Take some time and scroll through these pages. You’re bound to find intriguing twists on romance, aw well as some enticing opportunites.

Park your inhibitions, let loose, and enjoy!

What would life be, if we didn’t take a few risks along the way and place our hearts on the line? Boring! So come on–really–let loose.


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