New E-Book Box Set! Bundle price.

Moresome by Demi Alex E-Box Set is now available!

Visit three sultry US cities in one download. You’ll know the heroines from within, and you’ll crave each of the heroes.

Key West, New Orleans, and Las Vegas!

In romance novels, two men aren’t double the satisfaction, but satisfaction squared. Three men, satisfaction cubed, and so on…

Hence the need for Moresomes. How is a girl to chose?

Each Tale stands alone and they can be read in any order.(Sure, but why settle for just one?) Good company is preferable. From carnal desire, to fated love, to just damn fine fortune, the women and men find love they didn’t know they were looking for. A bit unconventional for some, but true passion for all.

I adore all these wonderful heroes, truly fantasy men, that treasure, cherish, and satisfy. And now, RP has made them all available, together in a nice package, and at a truly Moresome price!

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